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It’s been 3 years since @itsyoungera released his last album “Routine”, and now he presents to us his newest album “Rosita”. The first thing I can say about this project is that it was definitely worth the long wait. Since his last album release, he has spent much time developing his voice and artistry while also facing new challenges and experiences which pour out in the 7 songs on “Rosita”. The name “Rosita”, translating to pink in English, comes from Era’s ability to make artistic music as a Hispanic artist. Pink is commonly perceived as a feminine color so it is the best example of him embracing what he wants to do without him feeling he has to be a “rapper” or super “masculine” when putting together his work. This body of work contains a theme that is common amongst all of Era’s music, which is complete vulnerability and the ability for the listener to take what they want from it. While expressing himself and his feelings, the genuinity really comes across strongly. Every song has its own connection to different parts and stories of his life. With features from @1rotken , @tyfontaine1800 , @lilspirit , and @iamsabrinalee , “Rosita” is truly a masterpiece.

Streaming now on all platforms, go run it up NOW!!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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