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Today’s BeU Release Radar belongs to @itsyoungera ‘s brand new single “One In The Same”. This song is about finding someone who you connect with at a level where you guys feel like you’re the same person. Everyone has been in that situation and people sometimes switch up and aren’t who they say they are. His inspiration behind the song is just about finding that true love, finding someone you love unconditionally. When his vocals come in, it’s not the typical style he’d usually be putting out. Era’s cadences and melodies really bring forward an emotional and powerful tone. A majority of his art is inspired by his life; it’s art and you can take it and use it however you’d like.

Era left us with this: “I feel like that’s what makes good music, being able to leave it up to the listener. Because at the end of the day I know what this song means, but what does it mean to you? And that’s what I’m trying to put out”.

“One In The Same” streaming now on all platforms, run it up!!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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