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Independent artist Eli07 relishes everyone once again with his new single “how to disappear”. The 17-year-old, hailing from Michigan, constantly captures you in a trance with his melodies and cadences. Visually speaking, I can compare his music to watching someone moonwalk, where it feels like somewhat of an illusion because of the disbelief of how purely elegant it is. Eli07’s motivation behind being an artist is to put out music that helps people as well as brings them happiness and comfort. It’s an outlet for him to cope with his emotions while simultaneously expressing himself in new ways.

“how to disappear” was written back in January 2021, but was sat on for a while, until ultimately being released this summer. It’s about the idea of wanting to disappear from the world and wanting to disappear from existence with that special someone. The theme stemming from the idea of taking a leap of faith and stopping everything to be with that certain person is so powerful. It resonates with that feeling of flying, where nothing else matters but the present moment. Moving lyrics are something that is pretty common in most of Eli07’s catalogue as he moonwalks so gracefully amongst the instrumentals.

“how to disappear” streaming NOW on all platforms!

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