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The long awaited first release from Donzell Taggart is officially over. The L.A. based artist presents us with his first official single titled “Flames”. With already being featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday official playlist, this track is already starting to circulate buzz. I remember in the later part of the summer of 2020 discovering Donzell on TikTok, after watching him sing to random strangers around the Venice Beach area. He had a fantastic voice and this memorable personality that was hard for anyone to ignore. I knew immediately that this man would be a star in the future, and fast forward two years later he has delivered to us an absolute hit.

Taggart comes from the great state of Arkansas, where he was heavily involved with his church. Being the youngest pastor, he was so popular among his peers that people would ask him to sign their bibles. Once COVID hit and there was nothing to do, he set a goal of taking his personal music career very seriously and promised himself he was going to reach that next level. Taken from a recent Rolling Stones article, “Church stopped happening, and I didn’t have nothing to do,” Taggart explains on a recent call. “We got bored. So I’m like, “Bro, I’m gonna blow up on social media”. And he did just that. Since then, he has attracted a massive 3 million followers on the TikTok platform as well as has cultivated a loyal fan base in the process.

The promising artist has been attracting label attention as a result since then, before even dropping a single song. Now with “Flames”, the possibilities seem endless and his future seems bright. We’re all looking forward to seeing Donzell’s future successes as we know this is just the very beginning of a soon to be championed career.

“Flames” streaming NOW on all platforms, go check it out!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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