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Meet @cloutboi_fetty , an 18 year old rap artist born and raised in Tampa, FL. When you think of Tampa Bay, what do you see? Winners. Yeah that’s right. Just like Tom Brady is working on the field and winning, Cloutboi Fetty is busy working in the studio and winning on the mic. This young artist has the innate ability to dip into many different genres and styles creating an entirely new sound in itself. He has just now released his latest song of 2021, titled “Feel”. He writes about Tampa culture and relatable issues of a young teenager growing up in the broken world of today, while keeping that iconic feel good vibe in all of his music. Pouring real emotion into his vocals along with lyrics that get your blood pumping and your body moving is what he does best. Fetty plans to put Tampa on the map and bring about a new sound that needs to be heard.

“Feel” streaming now on all platforms!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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