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Envying the kids in music during summer camp, sneaking out to underground cyphers at 13, and summer walks to a friend at an in-home studio during high school. Chase Shakur is finally committed solely to creating music he has dreamed of. Whenever Chase pictured his future as a child, music was always in the frame since nothing else had such longevity. Growing up around the Eastside of Atlanta near various family members and sceneries, Chase would wake up to Mary J Blige and walk outside to hear Gucci Mane. There was such a diverse collection of music surrounding him from both at-home and outside forces, which allowed him to gain an in-depth appreciation of all genres.

Taking personal inspiration from artists such as PartyNextDoor, who showcased an artistic singing style despite having a deeper voice, and Tyler The Creator with his outright willingness to be different and experimental. Applying this mentality to his most recent release, “Too Far Close,” Chase was looking to go in a different direction than his previous work. Continuously striving to remain outside the box, he took a beat that pushed his personal boundaries while remaining true to his melodic R&B style, which created a more forward sound and subject matter. When writing the song, Chase was looking to highlight the positives of a relationship, a love song drawn from experience. Most of his music comes after going through something, when reflecting on past love affairs he took only from the upside writing the lyrics from his perspective. Like most people, Chase Shakur is learning through life experiences since music reflects his reality, allowing for natural and relatable sounds to rise. In addition, the transparency of his music shows a representation of his character, as he isn’t looking to appear untouchable or out of reach to his fan base.

Chase is working on a tape that is releasing soon that focuses on curating a collection of stories told through a newfound artistic style. With “Too Far Close” being our first introduction to the direction he’s taking us. Pay close attention to Chase Shakur and what's to come, because good art will find its recognition, and I believe he is next!

Written By: Milly Wensley

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