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Every artist has their own unique experience with their fan base and community of supporters as they grow into their career. Artist C-DOT 416, originally from Toronto, Canada, who’s now based in Portland, Maine has had both inspiring and emotional influences from his crowd. His most recent release “Early Morning Notifs” takes us through the harsh reality of lost loved ones at any given notice. C-DOT is no stranger to losses and had never imagined how many people would come and go over the course of his journey. Having built meaningful relationships with fans, team members, and family only to see them disappear at a moment's notice. Taking a large toll on anybody, especially an artist whose music aims to help those who are struggling.

C-DOT’s single sheds light on suicide, as he has been faced with fans and friends taking their own lives. This story delivers the heart-wrenching shock factor of going about your day, only to receive a message that someone you cared for deeply is no longer with us. Putting into words, the overwhelming feeling of loneliness that even in the smallest of moments, can be someone's breaking point. Being a figure to lean on, building relationships with those through their struggles, only to realize he couldn’t be the one to save them. At the time he was writing the single his producer and friend had just passed and through his lyrics was able to put into words the pain that these losses have brought. This was the first time C-DOT brought a feeling and topic of this magnitude to the surface. His music comes wholly from his own experiences, as you hear in his voice the genuineness of each story. Creating a song that puts exactly what you're feeling into words can be the ultimate comfort for some people. His music lets you know you're not alone and someone else has laughed, cried, smiled, and experienced the same situations good or bad.

“Early Morning Notifs” is only the beginning of what C-DOT 416 has in store for this year. With a busy schedule of performances lined up, he’s looking to take his place on the front line building connections in the industry with every crowd he comes across.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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