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@badmonsham delivers us a Cinco de Mayo special with his new single “My Luv”. The L.A. based R&B artist gives us yet another masterpiece with this hit. The intro is very melodic over a simpler yet attractive beat which allows Sham’s melodies to really show out. It then switches to a voicemail where the beat switches up to a trap sounding beat full of synth and drums. This is a 2 sided tape where the first part (Part A) is more emotional and vulnerable where Sham is having a conversation with his girl about their relationship and the things that need to change in order for the relationship to survive. And Side B is where the drums kick in and is a huge statement maker. He talks about what he wants to accomplish and his goals and aspirations and his tone really exemplifies what he is aiming to portray. Sham is gearing up to drop an EP very soon after he drops his next single so keep an eye out for what’s next!

“My Luv” streaming NOW on all platforms!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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