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This volume of The Warm-Up comes to you from Natalija Marshall, Forward of Notre Dame’s Women's Basketball Team. Natalija is a sophomore from New York City and joined Notre Dame as a redshirt freshman last year, this being her first season on the court. Playing basketball since the 5th grade, a realization sprung on how serious she could take her calling after beginning to receive college offers in middle school. Throughout her career, Natalija has worn number 15 in honor of her high-school assistant coach. Who wore the same number and passed away from cancer during her junior year. Alongside her coach, Natalija, credits many females with inspiration to her career and work ethic. Athletes like Megan Rapinoe and Natasha Cloud, forged with artists such as Kehlani and Rihanna, have all been figures she has looked up to. What these women have in common is their passion and willingness to speak out on social causes and issues they believe. As a female in the sports industry and specifically basketball, Natalija has seen the differences in facilities, salary, and media coverage based on gender since high school. A few organizations that Natalija believes have made a lot of progress within this issue are Overtime, Women's Slam, and Players Association. After working closely with these brands, she is confident that they have done a great job projecting female sports coverage in the media.

Natalija herself is very passionate about social justice and inequalities, always outspoken and willing to use her voice. When it comes to her game-day routine, music plays a significant role in warm-ups to post-game downtime, as she always has something playing. Her music taste is rather diverse but her favorite genres are chilled-out R&B tracks, and 80’s/90’s hip-hop to relax to get in the zone mentally. With artists such as H.E.R, Kehlani, and Summer Walker found on her playlist, this collection of songs will put you in a relaxed and elevated headspace. As an athlete, Natalija believes in the importance of soaking in every moment you have on and off the court. Pay attention to every new opportunity that approaches by learning and taking something away. Listen to her custom playlist to live in your moment and get into a positive mindset.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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