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Zachary Knowles is a singer-songwriter out of Magnolia, TX who has been around music his whole life. With a city population of just 2,207 people, Knowles was a gem that was meant to be found. From playing the little keyboard his parents gifted to him as a kid, to playing the piano at church, to tossing up covers on YouTube, Knowles has always been fascinated with music. He started to really gain confidence in his abilities after posting some tracks to SoundCloud. Zachary’s friend Tyler put it up and people really loved what he had put out. This sparked his realization that what he really wanted to do was make his own stuff.

After high school, he attended Texas A&M where he spent his whole first year dedicating himself to putting out new music. He worked his a** off until a blog picked up one of his songs which resulted in him getting placements on a lot of people’s Discover Weekly’s. Knowles current manager, Eric Parker, found him on Discover Weekly and reached out to him. They clicked instantly and the rest is history. He credits that relationship to being pivotal in his growth and progression of his career overall.

Fast forward just a few years later and he’s signed to Fader Label and has over 830,000 monthly listeners and over 20 million streams on Spotify ALONE! Zachary Knowles has quickly progressed into an artist that you are really going to want to keep your eyes on. Be sure to stream his recently released single, “super sad songs”, streaming now on all available platforms 🎧

Written by: Austin Saffer

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