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@zachcrean is a contemporary Pop/R&B artist based out of Chicago, IL. He started playing guitar at just 6 years old and really started to get into singing at the start of high school around age 14. While facing typical high school struggles, Crean turned to music to help escape a lot of those feats. His mom (who he says is his biggest inspiration) being very sick throughout that time also drove him to succeed in his music career. You can see this through his TikTok catalogue where he has amassed over 175k followers and close to 1.5 million likes. Zach uses this platform wisely to show off his vocals and musical talent.

Zach started to really take music seriously after attending Iowa State University. He started to perform at a few different collegiate events and then randomly got approached to bounce a large event. He asked instead if they had a headliner yet and they hadn’t so he ended up headlining that show where close to 3,000 people showed up. From there he shut the whole place down. A little while later in 2018 while performing, a girl in the crowd sang his song back to him which is the moment any kid who started in music at 6 years old waits for for their whole life. This is when he knew this was really meant for him.

Since then, Crean has released a full EP titled “Evol” as well as some really great singles including “Here Tonight, “Taking You Home”, and “Wrong Feels Right”. Not surprising, some of his biggest musical influences include pop stars such as @bear , @johnkmusic , and @bazzi . The future is bright for this young artist and we can’t wait to see where his journey takes him.

Written by: Austin Saffer

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