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Vaughny Vo is a Florida native who grew up in Orlando but has been living in South Florida. From 2018, Vo’s diverse discography portrays his unique sound and flow merging hip-hop and alternative music. Drawing inspiration from Tyler the Creator and Tame Impala, he mixes his personal message of reassurance to listeners that they aren’t alone through the ups and downs in life. Talking about personal experiences, his music caters to anyone no matter who the listener is expressing a multitude of moods, ranging from upbeat songs to never being good enough for the one you love but “whatever they are going through they aren't alone”. Which his latest song and music video, Something to Lose(faces), explained as it dropped this past Valentine's day. Another favorite is, Up, which describes the ascent of Vo as he had a glow up. His catchy lyrics along with his melodic and smooth flow are just a few tools Vo has in his arsenal.

Recently performing at a show in South Florida, he looks forward to being able to partake in more shows this year. In short, this year shows a promising young career developing that people should be on the lookout for Vaughny Vo to see what his next move is. Be sure to check him out on all streaming platforms and give him a follow on social media.

Written by: Dennis Morgan

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