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Uncle Ricq, no relation, is everyone's favorite uncle they wished they had. Born in Toronto, Canada, Ricq was raised by Jamaican parents and grew up listening to reggae and R&B, which allowed music to be a constant sound throughout his life. In Ricq's early life he moved a lot, living in Toronto, New York, and Georgia, then eventually finishing high school in Florida. Ricq's stepfather was big on DJ Clue mixtapes which were his first introduction to rap. He also credits hearing 50 Cent for the first time and knowing that he wanted to be a rapper, but also realizing that he was too shy at this stage in his life. Fast forward to his first year of high school, he got introduced to artists like Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era that quote, “put the battery in my back to take my craft seriously,” and charged him up that Uncle Ricq has never looked back since.

Ricq says that some artists that influence his sound now are Chris Brown, Usher, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kanye, and Diddy. This culmination of sound is well heard in Ricq’s music as his unapologetic and unfiltered raw emotion helps him connect to his audience. In addition, his ability to be vulnerable allows his pain to be nurtured into song, but don’t get it twisted because Ricq is a flashy shit talker who takes no disrespect and states whatever is on his mind. With both these sides to his music, I believe that Uncle Ricq is poised for a big 2022.

As for what 2022 holds for Ricq, he has an album called “I Apologize In Advance” which will be dropping this summer. He has been working hard on this project for the past two years, and it also has no features. Trust me when I say that you can feel the passion and effort behind each song. This album is a must-listen and should be immediately added to your favorite playlist. With that being said, make sure to follow Uncle Ricq on all social media platforms to stay up to date on future projects.

Written by: Dennis Morgan

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