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For a young TyFontaine, the free studio session that TyFontaine had landed in high school had been nothing but light fun for a few friends messing around in the studio while on the job at the sneaker store the studio was in the back of. But what he didn’t know was that the song that had been created from those few hours in the booth, titled “Precision” funnily enough, would precipitate his rise in the music industry almost overnight. After the song won a local contest, the DMV-based rapper quickly found his song getting significant radio airtime, garnering constant radio airplay for almost two weeks straight.

TyFontaine made the decision to drop out of college and pursue music full time. The young would-be rapper who had formerly worked at a sneaker store, KikkSpott DC, that many famous NBA players and rappers themselves frequented would soon become closer to becoming one of those rappers than ever going back to being the one working behind the counter.

Growing up, TyFontaine hadn’t been into rap until later on in his youth. Instead, he’d grown up on a steady diet of gospel, Mary J. Blige, and the occasional island record. It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth grade that TyFontaine found the musical genre that would eventually change his life, with Lil Wayne being the first rap influence he discovered.

Now based in L.A. and signed to Internet Money Records/10K Projects, TyFontaine is curating his unique style of rapping. Incorporating both rapping and singing, braggadocious bars, and trap beats heavy with hi-hats and 808s, TyFontaine has all the rockstar trappings of Juice Wrld and all the confidence of Young Thug. Making his label debut with 1800, TyFontaine showcases his musical versatility through sharper bars, more creative hooks, and a flow that is almost magnetic. And working with producers like SIDEPCE and others who’ve worked with the likes of Juice Wrld and Young Thug, surely plays a part in developing TyFontaine’s star quality.

For now, TyFontaine is focused on releasing his first album and hitting it big in the music industry. And maybe, just maybe, becoming CEO of a collective like Internet Money himself. TyFontaine understands that although being a rapper can give you the lifestyle you may want, becoming a CEO and signing your own artists is what will build a legacy. Be sure to follow TyFontaine as he builds his own legacy brick by brick and continue to follow BeU Entertainment for updates and info on all the rising stars in hop-hop.

Written by: Kimberly Chen

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