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Tucker Rivera is bringing feel-good alternative-pop tracks out of Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado he was surrounded by and listened to a lot of Country and Alternative Rock, but his taste is not bound to any genre as he found influence from many artists throughout his journey. From a young age he began taking guitar lessons, and by middle school, he was writing full-fledged songs. Reality set in by 2020 that music was something he could seriously take to the next level. When it comes to his sound, style, and persona as an artist, his lyricism and authenticity stand out among many skills. His process is truly organic and without fail, he can count on himself to write a damn good song. The poetic influence behind his writing comes from artists such as J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, which being a fan of rap music is what most impacted his craft.

Tucker finds music to be somewhat of a coping mechanism, highlighting the good and bad of all situations he’s faced. With such a natural artistic ability, he is able to paint a picture with his descriptive lyrics and nostalgic production recognized by listeners who feel his music and relate on a deeper level. The mutual feeling of understanding is something that makes his music special as well, allowing him to know they’re others that share his same experience, bringing listeners together to emphasize similar feelings.

Currently, Tucker Rivera has a handful of new music ready to add to his growing catalog of essentials. With his single “West Coast City” gaining a buzz on TikTok, followed by millions of streams on major platforms he’s not one to miss. As he continues to release new tracks Tucker hopes to establish a genuine fan base that cares not only for his music but for him as a person.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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