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Meet SOPHIETHEHOMIE, a South Florida based singer-songwriter. She grew up listening to artists her father introduced such as Lauryn Hill and ABBA. Talent like this is what inspired her to begin singing anywhere and everywhere. SOPHIE’s natural talent stemmed from a young age, but she never thought of anything besides singing along to the songs she loved. Her close friends and family inspired her to try and do something with this gift, and she did. Stepping into the studio and recording what is now her most popular single reaching almost a million streams on Spotify, home demo. Sharing in an interview from Source Radio, she loves connecting with people in person just as much through her music. SOPHIE loves being transparent and raw when creating music. She didn’t plan out her last EP, Cabin Fever, a 3-track project that released during the beginning of the pandemic. This EP takes us through the mind of Sophie’s feeling of finding her own truth and focuses more on her own self care. She sang about how, “life is quite the experience there is definitely purpose to the pain.” This passionate and carefree EP is so genuine, it expresses how much she prioritizes herself instead of others and how they may have made her feel in the past.

SOPHIETHEHOMIE is not only an incredibly talented musician, but also a creator in different creative mediums that expand as far into cinema and poetry. She uses these channels to master many different crafts and share her creative mind through different perspectives. It’s safe to say that Sophie has only chipped at the surface of what is to come. I personally feel inspired by her and how well she expresses her emotions that connects with the world. I’m excited to see what is to come from this talented individual as she spontaneously drops new music and content through her social media, @sophiethehomie on Instagram. This is a must-hear for anyone who loves artists like Jorja Smith and Erykah Badu. Stream her music on all music streaming platforms, she will not disappoint.

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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