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Prince Carter is a LA based R&B/Hip-Hop singer, song writer, and producer who’s sound floats from soul-packed ballads that put anyone in the feels; to lively, melodic rap anthems that get rooms moving — a harmony between melancholy and euphoria that has found him early success. At only 20, the young phenom glides smoothly across tracks putting his own swag on each in a personal yet relatable manner resembling the inspiration of his name, Prince — (both from Minneapolis, Minnesota). The EP, ’Not Your Type’, produced by Narcowave, plans to expand Prince Carter’s success with a personal dive into the toils of his love life.

Being Prince Carter’s first EP release let alone project release, it was nothing short of spectacular. He really seems to get in his R&B bag with this drop, as he talks about different themes of love and other emotions, which is highlighted heavily in “Feel Like Summer”. My top three favorite tracks on ‘Not Your Type’ have got to be “Word Gets Around”, “S P A C E”, and “Feel Like Summer”. Something else to note is his largest streamed track to date, “Toxic”. This is one that has been on repeat on my personal playlist due to its catchy lyrics and hard hitting beat. I’m really excited to see what Prince Carter brings to us next, but for now I’ll be bumping ‘Not Your Type’ and I suggest you do the exact same.

Written by: Austin Saffer

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