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Chicago-based band, Ocean Child, is a treat that you will not want to skip. The group was originally a solo project by Marco Landaverde in 2019. He wrote and produced music from his basement and later formed what is now a lively and exhilarating group. The remaining band members consist of Hyra Witter on drums, CJ & Ellie Belen on guitar, and Julian Brookfield on bass. This circle of talented individuals knows how to put on a great show, surprising many viewers after seeing them perform live. You can't help but reciprocate the passionate energy they give off after each show. So every time you listen to one of their tunes, it’ll bring back those memories that once were.

The first project ever released by Ocean Child was an EP back in 2019 called, How to Keep Someone from Disappearing. This collection of songs consisted of a mix of originals in addition to a sweet cover of "Only Ones Who Know" by Arctic Monkeys. Their most recent single, 'Maye,' came out last year and signs off all the checkboxes for what you want in an indie track. Its catchy beat, groovy guitar sounds, and wonderfully layered vocals entice listeners and fans to keep their entire discography on loop. I have already added them to my Summer 2022 playlist(s) and can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us. As for experiencing their live shows, I see myself booking a flight to Chicago sometime soon to be able to jam out to one of their kick-ass concerts this year. Keep your eyes peeled for what Ocean Child will come out with next, and check out 'Maye' now on all streaming platforms.

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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