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Clevland, Ohio's NoonieVsEverybody has a story to tell. At only 18 years old, he is full of heartfelt tales of his upbringing and journey as an artist. Before I even spoke with Noonie, just listening to his latest tape “Strictly 4 The Voiceless” I was able to get a strong sense of his story. His passion for a career in music set in at an early age as the actualization came that he could make a name for himself. One of his earliest singles brought his mother to tears, a sight that let Noonie and those around him know this was just the beginning. Being raised in Cleveland, Noonie was pushed to grow up very quickly, his rough environment and those around him shaped him into the artist he is, and his stories are a product of experiences. Everything he’s seen and been through serves as inspiration for his music. Drawing artistic influence from artists such as Tupac, Jada Kiss, and Gucci Mane, he delivers a unique raw hip-hop sound.

Noonie strives to remain true to himself and through sharing his authentic stories, he simultaneously provides relatable music for his audience. Everybody has their own experience with struggles, Noonie honestly shares his side of the story that allows those all over the world to know they aren’t the only ones facing hardship. Through his music, he also carries the legacy of those who came up around him and passed before they could see him at the top. His recent tape, “Strictly For The Voiceless,” is the perfect introduction to Noonie and what’s to come. With a collection of stories that each hold their impact and draw a variety of emotions, Noonie is putting his true self on the table. The tape also features a mix of interludes that only strengthen the story and listening experience from front to back. NoonieVsEverybody is currently working on his next tape assembling the tracklist and title. Stay tuned for what's to come and get to know him even more through his music!

Written by: Milly Wensley

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