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Fort Myers, Florida has been known as a retirement city for many, but for Luc1k it was the beginning of a journey that is still far from finished. Luc1k is a South Florida native and was born into a mixed-race family, his dad being Brazilian, music has always been a part of him, and as he grew that love and passion matured. After high school, Luc joined the Marines and was stationed in North Carolina for four years where he began to find his footing. Originally inspired by the sound and vibe of Lil Tecca resulted in Luc’s diverse sound. Influenced by other friends growing up in the music industry like Juslo, Raaaw, and TaeTaeTae, because he sees how hard they are working on their craft, and all the effort they put into it drives him to work just as hard.

Luc's love for music also comes from seeing and knowing how music can influence mood. He states, “Music can make you go from angry to chill, chill to angry, or back to a time where you had the best time of your life” he believes one of the reasons he began to make music was to help others experience those moods. “I wanted to make music that makes people feel a certain type of way.” His sound carries a certain tropical style with a blend of rap that mostly talks about his life growing up in Fort Myers. His latest song, “Die How I Live” touches on the life he lives now. As for what is to come for Luc1k, he said that some big drops are coming in the next couple of months, and you definitely won’t want to miss this. Make sure to give Luc a follow and go check out his music that you could listen to in whatever mood you are in.

Written by: Dennis Morgan

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