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For a multi-talented kid like Kalan Montgomery, the possibilities for him had been endless. With the athletic prowess to play football on a professional level, the intelligence to become a behavioral specialist and accomplish Kalan’s life goals of working with the autistic and disabled children, as well as his deep-rooted passion for music that he’d cultivated from a young age, life could’ve gone a number of ways. But it was his love for music that eventually won out, despite initially shelving the pursuit while playing football for San Diego State University and getting his degree. By 2016, after graduating, Kalan, now styled Kalan.FrFr was back in the booth ready to take the music industry by storm.

But it was his 2018 hit, “Fine Ass” that really launched Kalan.FrFr’s career, a track that incorporates Kalan.FrFr’s now characteristic use of autotune as well as a beat heavy with a bounce and groove reminiscent of the Bay even with Kalan’s LA origins. The popularity of his subsequent releases, “Right Wit It” and “Naked”, kept the ball rolling, even gaining the attention of hip-hop mogul, YG, who later featured on a remix of “Right Wit It”. This cosign was much anticipated and is a further testament to the belief that Kalan.FrFr is on the precipice of something huge: him blowing up.

I had the privilege of being able to see Kalan.FrFr live in 2019 at Rolling Loud Bay Area when 1TakeJay brought him out as a surprise guest, and all I can say is that the hype definitely lives up. The way that Kalan is able to work the stage and engage with his fans is not only smooth but decidedly natural, traits that are intrinsic to any artist’s success. And even with the SoCal versus Bay Area debate raging, Kalan.FrFr got a surprising amount of love from the Bay Area, suggesting that Kalan.FrFr is an artist that not only is able to inspire love from his hometown but transcend historic lines as well.

For now, though, Kalan.FrFr is most focused on seeing where his musical passions will take him. And when asked what’s next for him, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more honest answer: “I’m going to be the biggest thing y’all ever seen” (XXL Magazine) Be sure to watch his rise in the music industry and continue to follow BeU for all your hip-hop headlines.

Written by: Kimberly Chen

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