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Orlando artist, Jay Wonder, continues to impress by consistently dropping music that showcases his talent. Jay Wonder identifies as a rapper & lyricist, upon diving through his discography, you quickly find that his songs are made up of different styles and flows that still have his unique sound at their core. The wide variety of styles he is able to successfully rap in are very impressive to hear, and he has stayed consistent with his artistic talent as he picks up traction and success with his music. Coming off of last year, Jay Wonder put up an extremely impressive year on Spotify, toting huge numbers with over 325,000 streams across over 50,000 different listeners. After hearing his recent release “Sadderday” - I am definitely adding Jay Wonder to my personal rap/hip hop playlist and expect this song to do big numbers. The way he utilizes his writing abilities is really displayed well, with each word painting dark visuals in your head as you listen. The lyrics match the somber tone of the beat well, showcasing just how versatile Jay Wonder can be with his music. Jay is riding the momentum of last year’s success well with this release and I am rooting for him to find success in all his new releases as he has previously with his songs “don’t fall in love” and “the center of solace.”

Jay Wonder cleverly refers to himself as a “creator of music” and I wholeheartedly agree that the music he creates is genuine art. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and give Jay Wonder’s music a listen.

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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