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Meet @jawnza , a rising artist from Tampa, FL. Although somewhat new, you would think he is a veteran in the industry from his sound and production capabilities. He’s able to transition from relaxed vibey beats to upbeat and rhythmic 808’s and paint a different picture every time. Knowing his voice and style to perfection allows him to create music that is both original and unique to him.

“Every project I create as JAWNZA is like a level in a video game. By nature, each level becomes more and more difficult, however the user’s ability to navigate them gets better and they become more efficient at beating them overtime. Every environment is full of opposition as well as opportunity. The music is the soundtrack and actually is the journey to beat the final boss of every level which happens to be different manifestations of the same person, his ego.”

JAWNZA is constantly evolving into new forms while still remaining true to himself as an artist. There is a lot more to come from this young talent so keep an eye out

Written by: Austin Saffer

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