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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Gobe is an up and coming artist/producer from South Florida. Growing up in Pompano Beach, he has come to rely on himself for everything. Growing in his artistry, he learned how to mix and master just about every song in his discography - even directing his own music videos. A true swiss army knife he can do it all or a “one man label” as gobe likes to say. With a lot of music from this area being focused on rap and hip hop. Gobe decided to fall more into an alternative/indie sound that expresses his everyday emotions in his writing. Such as heartbreak, feeling good, and living your life when no one else is. Gobe's motto to all his fans, which ironically is where his name comes from, is “Go Be Yourself”, stressing the fact that in a world where everyone tries to be like everyone else. Go Be Yourself. His main inspirations come from artist Dominic Fike, while also bending sounds from his friends like Poorstacy, Talkless, and Madkelly. Being the swiss army knife that he is, Gobe spends a lot of time practicing tattooing and creating his clothing brand ‘Gobe World’. Lately he dropped a new single “Crypto!” on soundcloud last week. Another track favorite is “Can’t Find Love” that out on all streaming platforms so go check them out.

Gobe has his sights aimed high for 2022, recently receiving clearance to produce a wild EP, which will be his highest level of production done thus far. Before the EP, he has some singles that will be dropping, with a surprise feature that will be a lock in the next couple of months. Also releasing a music video connected with the EP’ that surely will blow fans away, so with all these things being put into motion. I am sure a label will be reaching out. I mean who doesn’t want someone on their team that can literally do it all. Be on the lookout for Gobe in the upcoming months because 2022 sounds like it is his year.

Written by: Dennis Morgan

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