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For some people, all it takes is one moment for their life to change forever. For DevoDontCapalot, it was one performance. Growing up in the rural city of Ocala, Florida, Devo has always had high expectations for himself but didn't know how or what the expectations were pointing to. That all changed in one night in Miami. Traveling down to Miami for a weekend to see Gunna perform who Devo looks up to, so happened to debut one of his most hyped songs to date, Skybook. He vividly remembers “seeing how passionate he was performing the song and how he could feel how much he cared and effort that came out of the performance.” He also mentioned that being there in person was the final push he needed to start his music career. Devo felt inspired seeing that passion Gunna had and knowing that he was capable of the same greatness.

Devo's sound is a mix of Gunna, Roddy Rich, and Drake, but he has no limit to who he is inspired by saying “you have to know how to understand the greatness and take what the positive influences in the rap culture are and I am inspired by what they bring to the table.” Which is what makes him extraordinary. He takes the best qualities of an artist and combines his flair and twist. This will best be showcased with Devo’s upcoming “No Love Lost” dropping this Friday the 22nd. In the meantime go ahead and give him a follow on Instagram, and stream his music on all streaming platforms. Trust me you won’t regret keeping up with Devo. This is just the beginning of DevoDontCapalot's journey to the top.

Written by: Dennis Morgan

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