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After his teacher recommended the tape '2014 Forest Hills Drive' by J. Cole, Devin heard a line from the song 'Love Yourz,' and walked out of middle school English class. To open the door to what would become his current career. Devin only grew more passionate about music from this moment, studying to produce music once he received his first Macbook and finding a love for poetry. It only seemed right to take his artistry to the next level. In the middle of 2019, when covid forced everyone into lockdown, Devin turned his sole focus to music. Devin finds influence in artists such as Tyler The Creator, Kanye West, Donald Glover, and many more. What these three creators have in common, is how each of them broke unique barriers in outlets such as television or fashion, and Devin isn’t interested in limiting his art form to solely music. Coming from North Port, Alabama, where everyone is very similar and certain norms are expected of people, Devin took it upon himself to be different. These artists were role models that drove his aspiration to be a renaissance man. Aiming to influence those around him with music in addition to the idea that you can succeed in any field you are passionate about, especially as a young black individual.

When it comes to his sound and style, Devin delivers unique storytelling over old-school hip-hop production incorporating a sprinkle of jazz. His writing style is effortless and natural, turning what appears to be the most mundane and ordinary of experiences into beautifully crafted sonic stories for his audience to relate with. His most recent project, “hood tears and doldrums,” takes us through his recent move to Chicago. Dealing with heartbreak and real-time experiences faced during the period he was writing. The official video for his single, “ROMONA,” off the album is available now on YouTube. At only 19 years old, Devin is in the very early stages of a promising career. Keep an eye out for more creative projects as he continues to work hard to make his 16-year-old self forever proud.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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