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My favorite part about going through the BeUCuration list is discovering underground artists that are able to stand out from the masses. While I usually stick to Rap reviews, I saw that the band, Corn on My Dinner Plate, was based out of my hometown of Chicago so I had to give them a listen. Within seconds I was completely sucked into their music in such a positive way. The group is made up of six members, and was originally formed in 2017 at a Chicago high school. They describe their style as influenced by psychedelic jazz, and rock music, to which I can say for certain that all of these influences are evident in their music. However, I was very impressed that none of these musical styles dominated over the others, and they have what I consider to be a genre-bending style that is extremely relaxing to listen to.

There is no doubt that, Corn on My Dinner Plate, are uniquely talented, and I would highly recommend giving their music a listen no matter what genre you prefer. Performing together for a long time, with a few minor changes in members, has brought their core sound to develop well over their years. Their debut EP “Ears” came out in 2017, and they have refined their craft over time with their new debut album, “Whimsy,” that was released last week. This album, much like their sound historically is full of good vibes. I have already added their new music to my playlist, so do yourself a favor and do the same. Go check out Corn on My Dinner Plate out on all platforms now!

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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