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Meet L.A. based artist @onlyconner . Growing up, his father was very tapped into the alternative rock scene so he was always listening to artists like Nirvana, Green Day, Blink 182, etc. Those late 90’s/early 2000’s punk rock vibes heavily influenced his sound today. Conner perfectly mixes that sense of punk rock nostalgia with a fresh modern feel. He’s very into all action sports and wants his music to reflect that same kind of vibe, such as blasting his music while flying down a mountain on a snowboard. That’s also the type of thrill you get from simply listening to his music in songs such as “bite the bullet”, “rock bottom”, and recent release “good for nothing”.

Conner started playing guitar when he was little after his uncle got him into it around 8 years old. Fast forward to junior/ senior year of high school, he started rapping under a different name with a Sammy Adams/Asher Roth type of sound. Every summer he would move out to L.A. and live there for the summer, traveling 41 hours from his hometown of Maryland. His friend @arizonazervas and he would make the long trek and grind for months to try to get their names out there and really improve on their sounds as a whole. He dropped his first single this past October under his new (real name) Conner with a brand new alternative rock feel. It really took a 180 but brought him full circle to his origins with listening to music in the car with his Dad.

You can look forward to some more singles dropping this summer as he is working on his next project dropping sometime next Fall!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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