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On the first Artist Spotlight, I introduce to y’all an undiscovered gem that I’ve personally been keeping up with; who truly has the potential to leave an impact on the masses. 18-year-old music prodigy Atsen, born in Jos, Nigeria in 2003 drives the purpose of inspiring, awakening, and supporting the youth with his mind-bending psychedelic music. Atsen started his musical journey in 2018, with XXXTENTACION inspired track “Love”, shortly releasing his first EP’ *ALONEANDINLOVE* garnering the likings of local Chicago blogs Fashionably Early and Burbs Entertainment. Being so young, I was taken back by the lyrical maturity that followed this artist with each project. Punching out hit after hit, each release showcases the tasteful direction of his versatile production choices, he is able to smoothly deliver fresh new flows no matter what the listen may be.

With the first release in 2022, his newest self-produced hit, “Ice King”, creates a vast landscape with his colorful ethereal production and relatable, yet vulnerable lyrics. Taking inspiration from the melodic control of Jimmi Hendrix, punching drums of Kanye West, atmospheric stillness of Kid Cudi, Pi’erre Bourne & many more. You can hear how this emerging artist whose genreless capabilities, will be able to combine and bond with any audience no matter where in the globe. Already receiving love from Chicago blogs like Lyrical Lemonade and These Days Magazine, Atsen, shows a promising future ahead as they signed to indie label 2DB, Company; Atsen plans to take over the field as he turns his daily anxieties and lessons into WAV files for his fans to enjoy.

Lookout on Friday for the drop of “Ice King’s Official Music Video” directed by Tyrone Jordan.

Written by: Michael Magitman

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