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Jordan & Pippen, Brady & Gronk, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Apollo1027 & COSMIC. Some things just go together very well and whenever this duo links up they create greatness. @apollo1027_ recently released his new single “Cartier Fleece”. prod. by @cosmicbeats_ . This is probably one of my favorite new beats that I’ve heard in a while and it synchs perfect with Apollo1027’s cadence’s and flows. This single is also accompanied with a really dope music video directed and edited by @baemerola and the @cutbykudzu team.

Apollo states “When I wrote this song I was listening to a lot of Gunna and Baby. I wanted to emulate the style and cadence I used on Designer Snakes, which is my highest streaming song. Cartier Fleece isn’t about anything deep, it’s just a hard record for my fans to crank at full volume”.

“Cartier Fleece” streaming now on all platforms! Go give it a listen!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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