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8 great tracks, 17 captivating minutes. Alternative R&B artist, @iceuuh , has just now released his debut full-length project “Crazy-ish”. The Filipino-American musician, based in Las Vegas, started his musical journey by co-creating boyband collective, “jaded fantasy.”, in his college years. After their initial releases, and with the help of a Steve Lacy TED Talk, Aisa was motivated to tell his own story. Being inspired by artists such as Frank Ocean, Yeek, and, of course, Steve Lacy, Aisa released a string of singles such as “Wasted” and “redeye”, and now has written and produced “Crazy-ish”, a chapter of romance and love through his own lens and experiences.

It’s tough to pick our favorite track on this project, but if we had to choose, it'd probably be “midnight therapy”. The soft guitar and drum instrumentals really complement Aisa’s tone and the message that he’s trying to deliver. At 1:29, he goes on a melodic run that really draws you in and pulls on those inner heart strings. The whole project is just a complete vibe that I think we’re all deserving of. Thank you for this great project Aisa.

“Crazy-ish” streaming now on all platforms

Written by: Austin Saffer

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