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The Richmond, Virginia-based artist acpxpi continues, to release music with his sound best described as hip hop and neo-soul. His latest single “Want,” dropped on March 20th and I enjoyed the song from start to finish. Right off the bat, the beat is smooth and chill, but the snare gives it a harder feel that acpxpi doubles down on with his flow. Essentially opening with a chill chorus asking simply, “What you want? What you want from me?,” then acpxpi turns up the heat with a fast-paced shift adding a much harder tone throughout the track. He goes into details of how well he’s been doing in life, and gasses himself up with some clever bars. My favorite line is, “Baby saying that I'm shady, fuck it then. Pass you up, call me Brady.” The entire song flows through some clever lyrics like this. Ending with a repeated chorus, where acpxpi is once again asking “What you want from me?” The beat slowly fades out from there with a conversation between him and an unknown girl. Here we can assume that he is finally being told the answer to what he has been asking for, “What you want?”

I was extremely impressed with how this song maintained a fast feel even though the beat on its own had more of a slow-paced hip hop feel to it. Regardless, acpxpi’s neo-soul style still very much shines through. The reason the song was able to feel this way can be attributed to acpxpi’s flow, carrying the song extremely well through the end as the music fades out into the conversation. If you haven't already, go give this verified artist a listen and let us know what you think of his new single “Want.”

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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