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With roots in the 813, 777Villain, has just dropped another hard-hitting song. About two weeks ago, Villain debuted his first single of 2022 with Move Em. On his TikTok, he has amassed 37k followers in his short time on the app, teasing this piece in his most recent TikTok's that was well worth the wait. 777Villain is still in the underground scene, but I think with this song and video directed by Bae Merola, y'all will wake up to this silent but deadly energy.

“Move Em” is a track with a hard-hitting bass line and grungy lyrics that are especially catchy. Villain embraces the real villain mentality on this track, truly capturing the dark side with the music video. He also guides listeners with his storytelling element that showcases his sticky witty lyrics that will be stuck in your head. It reminds me a bit of the Crazy Story by King Von. After the first listen, you will have to run this track back for another, and I think this is just the beginning of what 2022 has to offer from 777Villain. Go ahead and give Villain a follow on platforms to keep up with new drops and stream "Move Em."

Written by: Dennis Morgan

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